Worship Gathering

Philosophy and Style of Worship

The goal of Christian worship is to give glory and honor to God, our author and sustainer. The primary way that Scripture tells us to do this is by seeking to obey God’s commands in our everyday lives. (John 14:15) Jesus sums up these commands with these words: love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-40; Luke 10:25-28)
When the church gathers to worship corporately, our goal is unchanged…that God would be glorified and honored. So, during our Sunday worship gatherings, we are seeking in all ways to direct our attention and affection to God through prayer, singing, proclamation of the gospel, the reading of Scripture and the sacraments (communion and baptism).

Modern Liturgical

We describe our worship gatherings as being Modern Liturgical. We are “modern” in the sense that we include elements of today’s world such as new music and technology. Also, our gatherings are somewhat informal. Pastors do not wear special garments or robes, and the atmosphere is not stiff or stuffy. 

Our worship is “liturgical” in the sense that we incorporate many traditional elements that have defined Christian worship throughout the centuries. The word “liturgy” simply means “the work of the people,” a reminder that the work of worshipping God is not only the task of pastors or worship leaders, but also the job of the whole church to glorify God. Our liturgy revolves around 5 primary elements:


Scripture Readings


Proclamation of the Gospel

The Sacraments (Communion and Baptism)

When we gather to worship God, we are reminded that we are joining a great tradition of believers who have come together for over two-thousand years for such a purpose. At the same time, we are not worshiping a God who exists only in history or in Bible stories; we are worshipping a God who is real, present and active in our world today. 

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