Weston Brown



Weston Brown has served for over twenty years as a pastor in a variety of church contexts. He holds a Bachelors in English Literature from Louisiana Tech University, a Masters in Theological Studies from Southwestern Seminary, a post-graduate diploma in Anglican Studies from Asbury Seminary, and he is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary. Weston also serves as Executive Director of Continuum Network, a professional Christian coaching firm. He is a certified coach through CMM and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Weston has been married to Lindsay for fifteen years, and together they have five daughters: Aubrey, Emmy, Harper, Penelope, and Rosie.

Justin Reneau


Along with Weston Brown, Justin Reneau is a founding elder of Covenant Shreveport. Prior to planting Covenant, Justin spent nearly a decade as the Chief Operating Officer of XMA, a global missions organization. He holds a Bachelors in Management and Administration as well as a Masters in Business Administration from Louisiana State University in Shreveport. Justin also serves as Vice President of Continuum Network and is the owner of Simplify Consulting Group. Justin is a CMM certified coach, a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional through FMA, and a licensed home inspector. He has been married to Diana for over fifteen years, and they have four children: Tristan, Sawyer, Kinsley, and Mae. 

John Robertson


John Robertson joined Covenant Shreveport in 2019 as Worship Leader and became an elder in February of 2023. He has been a worship leader in local churches for over ten years, and is the former director of the Lovewell Center at The Hub Urban Ministries in Shreveport. John is a graduate of Dallas Christian College with a degree in Worship Arts and Music Ministry. He is also the founder and owner of Flight Level Detail, an aircraft services company. John has been married to his wife Tina for 13-years. They spent 5 years as foster parents to 12 children before having their own daughters, Shiloh and Sage. 

Taylor Doiron


Taylor Doiron joined Covenant Shreveport as a member in 2021 and became an elder in Febrauary of 2023. He began his professional career as a corporate pilot, but, for over ten years, he has worked as a data analyst in the oil and gas industry. Currently, Taylor is Vice President of GIS & Information Technology for Maven Royalty Partners. Taylor is also pursuing a Masters in Biblical Theology at Western Seminary. He has been married to Gillian for 8 years and they have two girls: Gwyneth and Vivian.

Kirsten McAnelly

Kids Director

Kirsten McAnelly joined Covenant Shreveport as a member in 2019 and became the Kid’s Director in 2023. She began her professional career as an elementary school teacher before becoming an Instructional Designer and Learning & Development Specialist. In that capacity, Kirsten has worked with companies in the autonomous vehicle industry, the Ed-Tech industry, as well as Capital One. She has been married to Luke for 7 years and has three children: Magnolia, Denver, and June.


Covenant Shreveport is led by a plurality of pastor/elders who each operate within their individual gifting to give leadership to an area of focus within the church. These leaders operate as peers within the organizational structure embracing a horizontal or “out front” leadership model rather than a “top down” model. As such, Covenant does not have a singular “Senior Pastor” or “Lead Pastor,” but, instead, a pastoral team that leads and teaches.
This model is based on the New Testament example of eldership (Acts 14:23; 15:2; 20:17; Philippians 1:1; Titus 1:5; James 1:1; 5:14; 1 Peter 1:1; 5:1). These men were to look after the Church’s health, govern the Church’s direction, teach the Church sound doctrine, defend the Church against false teachers, encourage faithfulness among God’s people, and confront and gently deal with the presence of sin in the faith community. The qualifications for these men as laid out in Scripture are very clear and very demanding (1 Timothy 2:11-3:7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-3). They are to be devout, prayerful, men of integrity who have known Christ for some time, are above reproach, sexually pure, self-controlled, able to teach and defend sound doctrine, free from the love of money, good managers of their own homes and families, hospitable, and having a good reputation with people outside the church.

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